4. Build

In order to build your answers in Part 3, you need to generate more ideas and vocabulary for each topic. 

Once again we will do this with a Mind Map.

You an see an example below where,

1) I take the main topic, in this case SPORT, and then write down the other sub-topics you may be asked about on this topic. 

2) then for each sub-topic I have written down some key words, chunks, collocations or expressions.

Now over to you!

Practice talking to yourself (or with a partner) about these subtopics, using if possible some of the expressions you have.

Topic of SPORT.pdf

Finally, go back to the original Part 3 questions below and give a new answer, different from the first one you gave. 

It is really important to give a new answer, not just the same one as before, in order to build flexibility. 

Time yourself and try to speak for around 30 - 50 seconds.

You can record your voice, if you like, and then listen back later.

What are the dangers of water sports?

Should governments invest more to invest in water sports in schools?

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