Build your confidence to use English idioms

Do you struggle to understand and use idioms in English?

I know this can be frustrating, especially if you need to improve your IELTS speaking score.

Idioms are a common part of English conversation, and examiners are likely to be impressed if you can use them correctly.

Introducing my latest e-book, '50 English Idioms for IELTS Speaking'!

This comprehensive guide will teach you the meaning and usage of 50 common idioms with examples, MP3 audio, a workbook to practice, and a mini-novel to review them all.

🔑 What's Inside?

50 Essential Idioms: Learn idioms that will make your spoken English more colourful and expressive.

Clear Definitions & Examples: Understand the meaning and correct usage of each idiom effortlessly.

Audio Files: Master the correct pronunciation and intonation with the high-quality audio files.

Interactive Workbook: Practice and reinforce your learning with our comprehensive workbook and answer key.

Engaging Mini-Novel: Review idioms in context and enjoy your learning journey with the entertaining mini-novel.

🔑 Why choose this book?

Enhanced Vocabulary 

Enrich your spoken English with idioms that will impress the examiners.

Build Your Confidence

Speak fluently and confidently in your IELTS Speaking test and everyday conversations.

Comprehensive Learning

With definitions, examples, audio files, and practice materials, experience holistic learning like never before.

Fun & Interactive 

Learn and review idioms in an enjoyable and engaging way.


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